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What's going on with the House of Caine?

Good day family, friends and fellow readers. A great many things have happened since the initial release and reaction from The House of Caine. As I've expressed before, there were no illustrations or reference markers other than text in the first edition. I felt the series needed those items. 

Also, since completing the series I've realized there were holes, or unclear portions of House that needed to be more completely expressed.  

Thus the creation of The House of Caine second edition.  

The Second Edition flaunts a brand new prelude, accents to the story itself, maps, illustrations (people) and a more concise story. 

I sincerely thank those of you who supported the first book. I hope you find this edition to be exactly what you were looking for. To my new readers, I truly hope you enjoy the second edition and all it's features!

The release date is April 1st 2017 for this edition.

Many thanks to Efrain "EMC" Aguilar and Jason "Moodz" Baptiste for their efforts and creative vision.

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