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The House of Caine- Second Edition

There is a lot of exciting news coming up in the World of the Ya-Mti. One thing I have learned about composing such a labor (intensive) of love is that missing pieces of information/details arise at times. As we go through the creative process sometimes epiphanies occur that can change the whole dynamic of a tale. That didn't happen here hahahaha. In truth, there are some really intriguing changes to the Second Edition that I hope the reader enjoys.

These changes include new maps and illustrations to enhance your experience. My new illustrator, Jason Moodz has a really strong grasp of the characters, their motivations and the scope of the entire story. His wonderful additions have definitely stepped up the overall aesthetic of the piece.

There are also other inherent changes, such as the prologue. The prologue is new. I've removed the long, science-y piece and added one more commensurate with the flow of the story told.

No worries though, all that great science-y stuff will appear, along with a whole host of other 'pertinent intel' to the Ya-Mti Galaxy in an encyclopedia of sorts that will be released after Book Five.

I have beefed up a few sections i found to be a tad thin in the First Edition. I truly believe what the reader will have now is a more concise telling, with sufficient alluding to the Eternal Champions' contest, other worlds and moving parts within the galaxy and more!

I truly hope you enjoy the Second Edition as much as (or more than) the First Edition and that you continue reading the Book of Enoch series!

The Second Edition will be released in March 2017.

Stay tuned!

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