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Species of Enoch/Eden


Creatures of the World of Enoch


Vampeil- They are the native species of Eden most similar to birds and Ancient Nulls. They are of the “Empherical’ species. They are a strong, proud race. They number approximately half of Enoch’s population though they are subservient to the Vampire species. They live in clans along the various continents of Enoch, and are under the protection of The Royal Family, as decreed by Caine himself.


Cynocephali (Cenos)- Strong yet humble race of meta-morphing Empherical beings that take various forms of woodland creatures. They can shape-shift into wolves, panthers, tigers, other beasts. They are as strong as the Vampire, and their sworn enemy. The reason is due to their war for land with the Father, Caine.  They have exiled themselves in Eden. Because of the Eden atmosphere, the Cenos morphing ability conceals their true essence within the mask of Edenite. When they come into contact with Vampires, however, that concealment vanishes. They do not revert to their Enochean form, but take on the Eden animal their essence best resembled. They live as long as the Vampeil, which is several Eden lifetimes.


Contosio (Contos)- aka Lycana or ‘man-bear’. They are a cousin to the Ceno species. They are also Empherical beings with the likeness of bears of every species. Sometimes they can come as dogs, but those beings are highly ravenous and dangerous creatures.  These creatures were the first inhabitants of Enoch and thus were the first rulers. They were the strongest force in Enoch as well. The Contos and Cenos did not co-exist peacefully for a time in Enoch. The Contos ruled over the Cenos and thought they were beneath them. Inherently, the Contos were conceited and power-driven. They had an unfortunate fate however, their lifeline was short. They did not live very long and so their race was whittled down to a few hundred over time. They aligned with Queen Lilia herself. They also exiled themselves to Eden, where their longevity was positively affected. They reverted to a kind of Edenite, but they were larger than most. The race found a quiet land in Eden where they lived in secret.


Vampire Species- The Original Vampire of Enoch still thrives, but their numbers fade slowly. The Bloodline of Caine’s bite, or Blood Vampire had been secretly allowed back into Enoch. Though a majority had returned, many still reside in Eden. They all abide by the reign of the Children of Caine as loyaly as they did the Father.


Noored- The Lost Null of Eden old are awakening out of their thousand year old slumber. Though there are still those clinging to the old ways, called Noors, the majority of the species is fastly evolvimg. They see the other species living better and resent them. They have begun building cities of their own. 


Angelitus- These beings are angel-like with cosmic power and insight. They are the creators of the worlds’ inherent cosmic laws and they instruct each world on the lessons then leave. For some reason they have overstayed in Eden, but their time grows short with every year the planet matures.

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