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Castle Mault


Ruled by:

The 1st son 

King Areus of Caine

The Intuneric Umbrele

Homeland- Derean


Ruled by:

The Second son 

King Prethus of Caine

Castle Braga


Ruled by:

The Sixth son

King Larenzo of Caine

Castle of Heroes Homeland- Champion


Ruled by:

The Fifth son

King Keith of Caine 

Castle Integratorious


Ruled by:

The Third son

King Algo of Caine

Castle Havenhall

Homeland- Rainshire

Ruled by:

The Fourth son

King Shanan of Caine

Twiin Castle

Homeland- Ballen


Ruled by:

The Seventh son

King Baithren of Caine

Castle Twiin

Homeland- Penance

Ruled by:

The Eighth son

King Slevote of Caine

Castle Deleslau

Homeland- Deleslau

Ruled By; Emissary Tole of Nestor- Destined to be ruled by the Ninth and lost son

King Ka'te of Caine

The Castle House

Homeland- Talta

Ruled by-King Caine and Queen Lilia

The unwed daughters of Caine and Lilia also reside in the Castle House

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