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Author; Fahim Malik Nassar


Cover designer and artist Efrain "EMC" Aguilar

Fahim Nassar -Author- is a Hip Hop Emcee, Producer, Poet and and author originally from Queens, NY. He has written hundreds of poems, several short-stories and novels and dozens of songs. He is as accomplished on stage as he is in the studio and in the office in front of Microsoft Word.


He has also hosted poetry venues such as Harambe Café on 18th St. and The Spoken Experience on U St in Washington DC along with other hosting/emceeing gigs from New Beginnings Church in Teaneck NJ to concerts and showcases in Manhattan and Brooklyn, NY.

Fahim’s reputation in the poetry community grew as a writer rather quickly. Aside from hosting, Fahim has featured at many venues within the DC to include Bohemian Caverns, Bar None, Mangoes, Spit Dat, Brooklands Cup Of Dreams and more. While a performance poet, Fahim traveled to Baltimore, College Park,  many venues in the Northern Virginia area as well as Philly, NY and NJ.

As this was happening, he finished his second novel, “Melancholy Funk”, a drama about relationships and careers. Melancholy Funk is available for purchase. It is also currently in the works as a screenplay.


The first book from his current  novel series, The Book of Enoch,  was his first foray into Science Fiction. With the completion of Rise of the Emphericals, the series now adds up to three novels with Awakening the King released last December. 

Be on the look out for more in this series as well as other novels in other genres coming soon! 

Efrain "EMC" Aguilar- Cover Artist. Is a multi-media expert, raging from music production to graphic design and animation. He currently resides in Brooklyn preparing for art showcases and galleries.

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