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The House of Caine Novel Cover
Cassius Caine Curt
Cassius Caine Curt
Lilia Marsten
Queen Lilia Marsten
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The House of Caine
The Book of Enoch Part 1


ISBN-13: 978-1508773566

​242 pages

The House of Caine is the first in a series of stories that tells of a series of events leading up to the last contest of worlds known as The Tournament of Eternal Champions. The multiple solar system encompassing contest decides the fate of the entire galaxy.


The House of Caine introduces us to the family that sparks the last contestant.  

Caine is the descendant of the last Champion, a Vampire named Texton Enternola. Caine's history is hidden from him and he goes through a series of terrible trials with hopes of understanding his gift and ultimately realizing his destiny.

Lilia Marsten is more than a future queen, more than a wife and mother but her destiny is also hidden from her. There is power within her she cannot yet comprehend. There is vengeance behind her beauty.

The King and Queen of all Enoch Vampires rule with conviction and honor, but a mysterious stranger seeks to unravel everything they've built and put an end to them both before the last champion is revealed. Welcome to The House of Caine. 

(Cover art by Efrain "EMC" Aguilar/ Illustration by Jason Baptise) 

Available for Kindle Fire
Available for Paperback
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