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Awakening the King

An orphaned four-year-old boy without a name was born a slave into a working camp for a ruthless and despicable army, known as the Sons of Abel, in the modern-day planet Eden. It was said the Sons of Abel were actually descendants of the fallen son of the ancient great Curt ruling family, Cross Abel Curt. The Sons of Abel came into power after the Great War, when Caine, King of Vampires attacked Eden over one hundred years prior. The remnants of Vampires left abandoned took root in Eden’s underground. The Sons were charged with eradicating the Vampire threat. No Name was trapped. He was raised in the madness and mayhem of constant battle.

Elissaria’D D is a beautiful young girl from a small fishing village where her father was the tribal chief.  As a child she showed a gift for mysticism, a progeny even. At the age of twelve she became a candidate for the Academy of Light. There, she, along with other students, were taught science, math, tactics and warfare, biology, chemistry, alchemy and many other topics by the Angelitus cadre themselves.

As No Name and his ally, Prudence, grow up in the hellish nightmare of servitude and degradation, they witness many things.  They have entered their teens and longed for a new life. That wish was soon to pass. Once Prudence was murdered, No Name fled the slave life for one away from fire and death. During his travels he accidentally discovers a cave, which unbeknownst to anyone, had a portal to Enoch.

It is here, in this new world where No Name’s adventure truly begins.

Roger’dam is a young prince of the Cynocephali (werewolves). He is brash and conceited, but skillful and strong. He is the heir to the leadership of the clans and is anxious for his chance to lead. One day during a raid against a Vampire coven, he is lost in battle.

He escapes capture through a dark and mystical cave. Roger’dam is lost to Eden but found to Enoch.

Elissaria’D excels in all of her coursework. She is a star pupil for the several years she was there. The Angelitus treated her oddly as she grew in strength and mystical power. They knew her secret but did not divulge the truth of her ancestry. Though alliances with an Angelitus she learns the painful truth about her parents.

Why is Enoch connected to these individuals with no relation, connection, friendship or faith? What of the planet itself, without King Caine or Queen Lilia at the helm? How has the landscape changed under the rule of the Nine Houses? Is this new world friendly or fraught with danger?

Welcome to Awakening the King

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