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Seeds of Darkness

Welcome to the highly anticipated 3rd installment of the Book of Enoch series. 

In this installment we find General Chinsau imprisoned, Princess Akasha marries King Tole and after childbirth falls into a deeply serious illness. 

Queen Me continues to stoke fires of a civil war between the Vampeil, Noored and Vampires. She does not realize that the Blood Vampires are lining up against the Royal Family as well. 

The Shankar, Redon, enlists the aid of a team of very special warriors, not to fight in Me's Civil War, but to prevent the planet's annihilation at mysterious hands. Redon knows something deadly is coming, even if the all-wise Mystic Elf  does not know exactly what. 

This is Awakening the King- Seeds of Darkness

Available on Kindle
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