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The Question of Lilia

As I have spoken to several folk who read The Book of Enoch, The House of Caine, one theme continues to pop up. "Why is Lilia so angry?"

Well I will attempt to explain it to you as best I can without giving away spoilers to the next set of books.

In the Beginning.

We meet Lilia after she already came to her adoptive family. Her family was either hunted down or executed for reasons she never learned. To her core, there are abandonment issues as well as issues of violence stemming from earlier incidents.

As a loner, she found love (real love) with Adonis until she lost him. There was no break up, no argument that set this in motion. She was simply lost. Though this new world she discovered gave way to a new love and a new life, the longing, the 'what if" thoughts continue to wrap around her mind.

The Return to Eden.

When Lilia and Caine return to Eden together for the first time, it was an overwhelming process. Not only was she erased from history, but her adoptive sister had taken her love and had children. Lilia secretly had a disdain for the younger girl, as she was looked on as the favorite of the family though Lilia was older. When Lilia heard the testament from the reverend her anger continued to grow and fester.

Incidental Contact

The poison from Ecce that consumed Cassius carries with it an inherent darkness. Lilia was in incidental contact of said poison as well as physical contact. It is not a stretch to assume the poison somehow altered her moods as well as that of her husband.

It could also come from incidental contact with Luscious who is from another realm, clearly not of Eden and Enoch. Perhaps there is some energy/particle that he has within him to cause her moods to be altered.

Super Powers have drawbacks

L'est we forget, Lilia has magical abilities and has even tapped into dark magic. We will discover more about Lilia and her power in The Book of Enoch part Three, The Chesssmaster. No worries.

Well, either way, Lilia's anger and hate took over her, but the reason for her exodus at the end of The House of Caine was to reconcile her thoughts, to find herself once again. She will be back by Book Three and we will continue our journey together.

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