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The Sons of Abel

The Sons of Abel are a unique feature in the story of Eden. They are the descendants of the fallen Cross Abel Curt. Curt had sons and daughters before he died. These children got married, had offspring and it was that off-spring that took up the mantle of fighting the ‘deadly vampire threat’.

There are mysteries surrounding this ill-fated family bloodline. One is that the ‘magic’ the Sons seem to possess by Awakening is un-pure. Whether there was actually a Shaman who cursed them or not is debatable, but they are indeed strong and do have magical abilities of heightened strength and aggressiveness.

They make their first appearance in The House of Caine as a force of Vampire Hunters hell-bent on the destruction of Vampires. By Awakening, their role has changed slightly. Though they still were Vampire hunters, they were beginning to see Eden as a prosperous land and sought more than just revels for killing Vampires. They saw an opportunity.

Awakening the King opens up with the advent of emperors and empires forming in Eden. The rule of the first family is long done. The Academy of Light is no longer the beacon for the world but only for those who believe in the ‘spiritual voodoo’. It is a fight for yourself world that they maneuver in. To their benefit, the Sons gain alliances with emperors and because there is still a small Vampire threat, they are treated well for their services.

Though they trail off slightly toward the end of Awakening, worry not, their role is much greater than just what you will read in the second book.

I will add more to their story as the books release. Trust me, you will want to remember the Sons of Abel Army.

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