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Who Made the covers, Fah?

Hey my Enoch Series heads! (I need to come up with a cool nickname for you guys lol). I just wanted to take a quick moment to introduce you to Efrain "EMC" Aguilar. He is a Brooklyn-born and bred Panamanian with a penchant for artistic skill and 'marvelousness'.

I met EMC many years ago while we were both soldiers in the US Army stationed at Fort Belvoir VA. We were both emcees and producers from NY so our friendship forged in the fires of creative skill from there.

After the Army, we worked together on various musical projects and for U.N.I. Now, a networking website for creatives as well as UVR 2.0 Radio, an internet-based radio station.

While EMC was working on the website and radio station, he also created many posters, album covers etc for various clients. In 2010 His artwork was part of an exhibit at the "Effin' Catalina Wine Mixer" an arts and music event sponsored by the website and radio station. That was the first of many gallery showings for EMC. It seemed that music was now taking a backseat to his first love... art.

In 2013 he created the Book of Enoch style template and I loved it! It was at that point when I said, "Okay, this is the template for ALL the novels!"

EMC is now working on graphics and animation as well as blowing the doors off with his unique pen-and-canvas style. Look for great things from his new animated adventure he is currently working on!

To contact EMC, hit him up on Facebook

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