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Intro... Awakening

Hey you wonderful reading people! I just wanted to say thank you for purchasing Awakening the King, the second book in the Book of Enoch series. What’s funny is, if it weren’t for the revision process, this book may have not been made, or at least in the way you find it today.

When I first wrote the original story, The House of Caine included more than half of this book within it. What changed? Simple. As I revised The House I realized the principles needed more development. There were things I initially glossed over in the first edition that I expounded upon and fleshed out. This made the first book a lot larger and I still felt there were two separate ideas happening. The House was the prelude, but Awakening was the lead. So I took the proverbial knife and carved the story of No Name and his allies into its own tale, unique from that of The House.

That’s what you have today.

Awakening the King begins in Eden, at an army slave camp where we are introduced to a small child with incredible strength but no name. He is raised by corrupt soldiers but somehow maintains a strict moral code that he never wavers from. It is this code that rips him from the bosom of the vicious army. This is where his journey of worldly, and inner discovery. He learns about himself and his abilities as he struggles to survive.

No Name discovers several allies throughout his journey, each with their own destiny, their own secrets. These allies become integral to No Name’s tale, and the fate of Enoch itself.

Why is No Name so important? What does the fable of the lost king have to do with him? We will delve further into the meat of this within the next few months. I want enough folk to have read it before I start dropping spoilers lol. But I will say this, the action starts in Awakening and will not slow until the tale is over! So keep reading, keep commenting and I look forward to our next conversation.

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