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Staff and other prominent characters
Principle Players


Adonis-Son of Daniel and Press- First Ruler of Eden. 


Eve- Wife of Adonis, Mother of Cross and Caine


Cross Abel-Twin son of Adonis and Eve. (Perished under suspicious means) 


Cassius/Caine- Son of Adonis and future king of Enoch


Lilia/Charde- The First Noored and wife of Caine, and master of magic.


Redon'G-Spiritual magician and ally to Cassius. Redon’s origins are a mystery. He seems to be a master of Sorcery and Alchemy.


Moripan, Chief of Dunpeil- Elder and mentor to Caine.


Lord Aren Heiser- Lord and general, mentor to Caine. Lord Aren Heiser is a Vampeil, yet works with the Vampire race. He is the  Master of the first Castle House. He is a baron and a general.


The Predor- Warrior Class of Original Vampire. These are noble warriors loyal to King Horacious, the King of Vampires. They were also the lead cadre of soldiers in Caine’s Army. Nestor is its general and  the husband of Princess Me.


The Emirates: These men are to be the place-holders for the Masters of The House. If any king should fall, an emirate would magistrate over the kingdom until either the king would return or a suitable replacement was of age.


The Raven Coven- The counsel of Lilia, residing within the Enoch volcano known as Raven Hill.


Luscious- little is known of Luscious. He is counsel to Lilia but does not live in Enoch. His origins are also a mystery.

The City of El Sayed- Lost city of Eden, now a barren wasteland. It was the site of the first Great War.


The Great War of El Sayed- which was waged between The Academy of Light and dark forces of humanity.


The Sons Of Abel- Self proclaimed Vampire Hunters. These are the blood descendants of  the fallen Cross Abel, charged with vengeance to all Eden vampires. These men have lost all humanity and have become worse than the very thing they despise.


Enoch- Seventh World Of Ya Mti


Eden- Eighth World of Ya Mti

Children of the Royal Family

  • Areus

  • Nefari

  • Prethus

  • Algo

  • Shanan

  • Me

  • Keith

  • Larenzo

  • Baithren

  • Slevote’

  • Shezun

  • Ka’te

Places and other important information
The Children of The Royal Family

The House of Caine

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