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Seeds of Darkness: 

Awakening the King Part Two

The lands of Rainshire are quiet once again with the glorious victories of Lord Chinsau, Lady Mezzandria and the Warriors' Coven. With Carmichael protected, Akasha off to wed soon-to-be-king Tole of Nestor and half of the coven safely back to Eden, only a few of the friends remain. 

When Chinsau is sent off to meet with King Shanan he is arrested and jailed unbeknownst to any of his allies. 

With him gone, Carmichael falls. Akasha befell a terrible fate. Mezzandria finds her long lost family but regrets what she finds. Roger and Dasha find the seeds of their destiny while aligning the remaining Warriors' Coven members in one last ditch effort to save Chinsau and put an end to the ever-increasing civil war overwhelming Enoch. 

Cover Art by Efrain "EMC" Aguilar

Illustrations by Jason "JMoodz" Baptiste

Logo Designs by Mike Harrington


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