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Important Eden Figures
The World of Eden 

The World of Eden


No Name- a child with no past, seemingly born into slavery. He lives on a slave-trading military compound.


Prudence- a girl of similar age to No Name. The only one to befriend the odd child

Reverends- Edenite holy men and women that preached Adonis’ doctrine and spread the spiritual message throughout the world


Covens- Centers of power and leadership among the dwindling Vampire population


The Sons of Abel Army- A Vampire-hunting force said to be descendant of the fallen hero Abel, son of Adonis. They have grown in number and popularity over the years and now number over one hundred thousand.


The City of Grome- the slave capital of West Eden and home to the Eastern Abel Army; the second largest Abel Army in Eden


King Silas- Monarch of the region and owner of the Eastern Abel Army


General Relevoir- Commander of the Eastern Abel Army


Edenshire- home of Relevoir and his brigade


King Ralph “The Monster”- Head general of the Northern Abel Army, the largest of all Abel Armies

The House of D and Telis-


  • Telis, Husband of D.

  • D, mother of Elissaria’ D

  • Elissaria’D, daughter of D and Cain; blood sister (twin) of Ka’te

  • Kara Sull- Warrior Angel, and eventual mentor to Elissaria’D

  • Winston and Jerome- These are Elissaria’D protectors and her trusted aides.


The Land of Abor


  • The Land of Orange Light- A place of warmth and sun nestled between the realms of the Hue-man and Vampirean. It is here that the Cynocephali reside.

  • Canit’dam- High Elder and father of Roger.

  • Wey-dam- Wife of Canit’dam

  • Roger-dam- Prince of Cynocephali, top general ans son of Canit and Wey.


The Angelitus Influence


  • The Academy of Light- a School of spirituality and magic, philosophy, military strategy, architecture, and inner peace and power. The Architect brought in the famed Angelitus to construct Eden, as they did every other world of Ya-Mti. A band of Angelitus remained in Eden to assist in its early development. They knew the humans would have troubles they could not possibly understand.


The Academy was created in the hopes of teaching worthy humans the tools to stem the tide against evil regimes of dark magic. It was not intended for uses/abuses of power, or fame. Only the purest of heart, most intelligent and spiritually rich Edenites were allowed into the walls of The Academy.


The Academy Masters:

  • Recosin- Elder High Angelitus and Head Master of the Academy of Light

  • Alarin- Master Strategist and Leader of The Corps of The light, the warrior class and protectors of the Academy of Light

  • Blake- Minister of War

  • Saldin- Minister of Light and majiks

  • Blacksmith- Master Builder and Architect

  • Kenneth- Master of Arms

  • Wize- Minister of Philosophy and spiritual power


The Corps of Light (Soldier Angelitus who work for the Academy Masters. It is these who interact with the Edenites):

  • Montesse

  • Kara Sull

  • Jacobson

  • Hammer

  • Um


Edenite Students of the Academy

  • Joseph- Elder student, gone missing after graduating.

  • Jonathan- student, friend of Elissaria D.


The World of Enoch


The Carmichael Coven


  • King Duke Heiser- King of The Carmichael countryside in the land of Rainshire. He administers over Original Vampire, Vampeil and scattered Noored tribes.

  • Akasha Heiser- Duke Heiser’s daughter and princess of Carmichael. She is pledged to King Tole as is wife on his 25th Birthday.

  • Bron- servant and council of King Heiser.

  • King Austin- King of the Eastern Clay Nooreds  who also reside in Rainshire, and enemy of Duke Heiser.

  • The City of Eastern Clay- Noored City East of Carmichael. Castle Clay is its headquarters.

  • Hibris- neighbored town west of Carmichael

  • Nejurut- Noored Town near the Red Mountains of the Seventh house lands


The Noored Vampires

  • Tracius

  • Razul

  • Moleo

  • Squelstadt

  • Marc

  • Monarch

  • Tyrane

  • Emoliz

  • Pardano

  • Salin


The Kingdoms and Castles of Enoch


Aristad- Castle Mault. King Areus of Caine presides

Arien- Castle (Edit). King Algo of Caine presides

Derean- The Intuneric Umbrele. King Prethus of Caine presides.

Rainshire- Castle (Edit). King Shanan of Caine presides

Gallenie- Castle (Edit). King Keith presides

Champion-Castle (Edit) King Larenzo resides

Ballen- Twiin Castle. King Baithren presides

Penance- Castle Twiin. King Slevote resides

Deleslau- Castle (Edit) General Nestor Kapian presides over this land, holding place for King Ka’te of Caine. Queen Me and Lord Tole reside within the castle.

Talta-Island Continent. It was the home to the Castle House and former King Caine and Queen Lilia Queen Shezun and Nefari live there still.


Talta Prime- empty island on the other site of Talta.


Gimley- desolate island


Gregor- Blood, gang leader “The Blood Demons”

Blood Demons- a Blood Vampire gang. They are in league with Queen Me.


Noors- Noored species, very old species; They are short, stocky, dwarf-like beings.


Whostel Coven- Early coven of Deleslau. Blood synthesizers.


Rezen- cheaply synthesized blood. A drug for vampires.


Shankar- A Shankar is a watcher, a keeper of the realm. They are to maintain the balance of their realm, but never interfering in the ways f its inhabitants.  They are assigned by The Creator of all things.  A Shankar can only be removed from his/her duty by choosing a worthy replacement, and only after 1000 years of service.



The World of Enoch
Kingdoms and Castles

Awakening the King

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