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Welcome to the highly anticipated 4TH Installment of the Book of Enoch series. 

In this installment we find out about the planet Enoch we've been reading so much about. Emphericals are animal-like humanoid beings. Several species of Emphericals reside in Enoch. 

The long, storied reign of the bear-like Conto Nation.

The Rise of Gimley and the wolf-like Ceno Empire.

When the bird-like Vampeil descended from the tall trees and walked the lands.

This is Enoch long before the Vampire or Noored.

There are many secrets, many unearthed truths. 

Why is the Anarchitecture so interested in this woodland planet? What will become of the Conto and Ceno as they exodus back home?

This is Rise of the Emphericals

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